Be Free

Words & Music: Mikayla Wilson, Steve Wilson
Lead Vocals: Mikayla Wilson
Mikayla Wilson, Steve Wilson

I’ll follow you anywhere,
out of the comfort I have known into the wilderness
If I can’t stay where I am and be with You, I will move, closer to You
This is the moment, I’m crossing over the river in faith
I will not resist You, or the changes You long to make

Holy Spirit Be Free, be free in me,
like a river that flows eternally
Free to move and change and grow,
free to express Yourself in me

Holy Spirit Be Free, be free in me,
I surrender to all You have for me
Be free to lead and take control,
free to release a brand new day in me

I’ll never be satisfied, until You manifest Your glory in my life
I’ll never be content, until I see Your every single Word fulfilled
I’ve been to the sanctuary, heard the songs of the angels praising You
I've seen Your power and glory, now nothing else will do

Holy Spirit Be Free, be free in me
Holy Spirit Be Free, be free in me...




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