Words & Music: Steve Wilson
Lead Vocals: Steve Wilson
Backgrounds: Mikayla Wilson, LeAnn Squier,
Steve Wilson


Find out who you were meant to be, then fulfill your destiny
With Exousia, Authoritative Power
Learn to laugh in the face of fear, see your problems disappear
With Exousia, Extraordinary Power

Exousia, Authoritative Power, flowing out from the throne of God
Exousia, Extraordinary Power, rushes out in a mighty flood

Storm the gates of the enemy, seize the final victory
With Exousia, Authoritative Power
Take the devil by surprise, cut his minions down to size,
With Exousia, Extraordinary Power

Lift Him High, High, Let your Faith be the key, Let His love set you free and flow within you

Learn the truth and see the light, find your way through the darkest night
With Exousia, Authoritative Power
Call down angels from the sky, heal the sick and prophesy
With Exousia, Extraordinary Power

Now if Exousia is what you seek, then feed the poor, and protect the weak
And call out to Jesus askin' Him for wisdom
For you must turn your back on sin, repent, and then be born again
And follow in His footsteps and dwell within His presence
And learn to be selfles, And tell the world about Him

Exousia, Authoritative Power, Flowing out from the Lamb of God
Exousia, Extraordinary Power, rushes out in a Mighty Flood




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