Get Up and Walk

Words: Mikayla Wilson, Steve Wilson, Robert Heidler
Music: Mikayla Wilson, Leann Squier, Steve Wilson
Lead Vocals: Mikayla Wilson
, Steve Wilson
: Steve Wilson, LeAnn Squier, Mikayla Wilson

Release Your holy anointing in this place

We believe that Your promises will not return void
For it is written in Your eternal Word
No disease or infirmity, no ruler or principality
Can stand against the power of our God

Get Up and Walk, He said, for I am the God that heals you
Open your eyes, rise from the dead, I am the God that heals you
Unbreakable, unchangeable, forever settled in the heavens
Get Up and Walk, He said, for I am the God that heals you

Stir up the faith of Your people in this place

No deception of the enemy, no lie, no curse, no oppression
Can stop us from rejoicing in Your love
For we believe in miracles, that You are Lord of the impossible
And nothing can stand against Your mighty Word




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