God is Alive

Words & Music: Steve Wilson
Lead Vocals:
Steve Wilson
Mikayla Wilson, Steve Wilson

I was talking to a hopeless atheist, he said "Your God is just a dream
How can you believe in anything you’ve never touched and never seen?"
But I said, "I see His hand in the morning sky as the night turns into day
I hear His voice when the birds start singing
I know what they’re trying’ to say", they’re singin’...

God is alive—my God He is alive
Speaks to me in a still, small voice—Calling me to His side

I was talking to a high-school principal, he said you mustn’t pray in school
Don’t you know you might offend someone with your talk of a golden rule
But I said, your school is filled with fear and rejection
Why’s everybody have to act so tough (and play so rough)?
Why don’t you teach ‘em ’bout the Prince of Peace
And tell them of their Father’s love? Why don’t you tell them...

God is alive—Yes, God He is alive
Sends visions in my dreams at night, helping me to survive

Sometimes He might speak a little louder now, if you won’t open up your door
You just might find a hurricane crashin’ upon your shores to let ya know that...

God is alive—my God He is alive,
No matter what the world may say of Him,
His power won’t be denied

He’s callin’ you to His side, callin’ you to His side, callin’ you to His side




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