The Greatest Gift

Words & Music: Mikayla Wilson, Steve Wilson
Lead Vocals:
Steve Wilson, Mikayla Wilson, LeAnn Squier
Steve Wilson, Mikayla Wilson, LeAnn Squier

On a long hard journey to Bethlehem
came a virgin mother and a miracle within
The Spirit of God came to Earth to dwell, they called Him Jesus, Immanuel

Oh the wisest men saw the brightest star
On the holiest night when they traveled so far
To see the Greatest Gift Ever Given to this world

Such a tiny baby, such a humble start
Could they see the love that You held within Your heart?
You must have been an extraordinary child,
how Your mother laughed
How Your Father smiled

Beautiful child filled with infinite love, sent to redeem all the world
We sing hallelujah

Joy came down to the earth that day, peace was born and in a manger lay
Who could've known what Your life would bring?
That the thought of You would make angels sing

Sent to redeem all the world, we sing happy birthday!



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