Words & Music: Steve Wilson
Lead Vocals:
Steve Wilson
Mikayla Wilson, Steve Wilson

If there‘s anything that I could say,
to convey, just how much that I love You
I would sing about it all day long, an endless song of my admiration

Because Your love is like a Waterfall, reignin’ from on high
Washing all my stains away as You bring new life
With Your everlasting waters
Oh oh oh oh, Your love is like a Waterfall, Oh oh oh oh, Your love

When I think of all the stars above, the wonders of Your divine creation
I think of all the ones that don’t believe,
they can’t conceive of what they’re missin’

And just like the water falls and flows into the sea
I can feel your Spirit flowing out of me
Like a child that gives their heart so easily,
I will follow You wherever You may lead
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh




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