my ever-unfolding journey
like a bridge between the extremes I've lived --

from hardcore in the world (Hollywood),
to totally immersed in the Spirit...

searching for more (love, God, meaning)
rising above (drama, hypocrisy, fear) and finally,
resting peacefully, in just "being"...

So, my life-lessons are captured in my music... from rockin' a festival with Secret Party to intimate, stripped-down, acoustic, healing-for-the-soul music. A few blasts from my past -- with Isaac Hayes in Europe -- and of course, the tracks from the Godfire "Exousia" album as they become videos...welcome to my world. :)


Never Be Shaken (From Psalm 15)
Mikayla Hart Wilson 2013

Whoever does these things
will never be shaken

Who may dwell in your sacred tent?
Yah, who may live on your holy mountain?
Who may dwell in your sacred tent?
Yah, who may live on your holy mountain?

Only those who live pure lives
Those that do what's right
That speak the truth from their heart
Let no bad words take flight

Those who keep their promises
Do not change their mind
That lend their money without strings
won't accept a bribe

Those who do not wrong their neighbors
& don't say shameful things
That hate the haters of our God
But honor those who love our King






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Mikayla Wilson, lead vocalist and percussionist, toured with the Isaac Hayes band for 7 years, performing on the David Letterman Show, VH1 and MTV, and opening for James Brown, Gloria Estefan, Sarah McLachlan, BB King, the O’Jays, Dan Akroyd & James Belushi with the Blues Brothers Band, and many more.