Mikayla Wilson
Worship Leader
Recording Artist
Godfire Music

If you've never experienced the presence of your creator, or if you want a deeper relationship with Him, then understanding worship is the first step for you. This is a tool from God, given to bring us close to Him. To a place where we can hear His voice, learn His character, and know His heart for us. It's not really about contemporary music -- that's just the vehicle that God rides in on. The secret, the mystery, is the Spirit of God showing up DURING the music -- worship music -- healing hearts and wounds, and changing lives. So, what IS worship music?

When I first traveled the world as a professional musician, music was self-centered. We sung about ourselves or love -- doesn't matter the subject -- the whole point was self-glorification -- look at me, love me, aren't I great? This was fun for a few years, then boring, then lonely, and finally completely depressing. Surely there was more meaning to life?

I was thrown into worship music by accident. My husband Steve and I, were good-hearted --and available-- :) musicians, related to the leaders of a church that needed music. Poof... instant worship leaders. Now, this should have been a disaster. We certainly were not ready, worthy, or aware of the responsibility and privilege of this position. But a mysterious and incredible thing happened...when we began to sing and play the songs in the first service, the Holy Spirit washed over us like a flood. I sang and cried, and cried and sang. Our worldly, hardened hearts were softened, and healing began. We were changed forever. As this continued over the next six months, the Spirit of God lovingly taught us the true purpose of music. It IS for glorification -- of Him.

The perfect song, the best voice? These are great elements that can help listeners to not be distracted from worshipping, BUT, it's a pure heart, a broken and teachable spirit, that God is looking for. He seeks our love and recognition of Him as father, provider, teacher, healer... as everything. He wants to mean something to you! Look at Him, love Him, He IS awesome! You mean so much to Him that He sent his son to the cross for you.

When you sing and pray TO Him, ABOUT Him, FOR Him, he shows up in abundance. This is where meaningful life begins. And that is what worship music is about -- giving glory, praise, and gratitude, to the greatest musician, producer, songwriter of all existence. Loving and needing the one who loves and needs you beyond your comprehension. ---

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